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Scientists Speculate that Men "Want Sex more than Women" because it's Annoying to Take Off a Romper

Scientists long ago have debunked the myth that men biologically want sex more than women. It’s no secret that we all want it just as much as the next guy. We asked scientists, why does it always seem like men want it more? So they decided to take different hypothesi around the nation. Some ranging from “women just want to protect their innocence” to “it is repulsive to think about accidentally growing a human parasite” to my favorite, “our boners are invisible thus our lust undetectable.” Well, the results are in and not what we were expecting at all! They have come to the conclusion that *drum roll*...simply we just can’t be bothered to take off our rompers.

And here I was, thinking I was the only one! Phew! God knows I spend too long trying to zip rompers up, nearly dislocating my shoulder, that I try to keep it on as long as I can to avoid bending my arm backwards again. Forget about bathroom breaks too. We all have tried to pee through the leg hole to avoid the awkward nakedness of sitting on a public toilet with a romper around our ankles. I know when I push my man away, I truly just need a little more time in my one piece to make it all worthwhile. Take me out to dinner and a movie for crying out loud, I’m not taking this baby off until it’s absolutely necessary. So when it comes to the hanky panky, we just don’t want to be inconvenienced. We are practical creatures after all, but why do we wear rompers if they are such an inconvenience and hindrance to our love lives? Well, who wouldn’t love the luxury of not thinking about matching a top and a bottom when it is already sewn together for you. We aren’t crazy!

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