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Donning and Doffing are Added to the 2020 Trending Baby Names List for Twins

Popular baby names are bound to change with the times, but it has come as a surprise that expecting mothers and fathers have been inspired by the frequently used terms of 2020. Doctors and nurses are perplexed by the uptick in baby names associated with the ongoing pandemic. From Rona to Covi, it looks like we will often be reminded of this unprecedented time as the newborns of 2020 grow old. Just imagine the classroom rosters that will be full of Quarentina’s and Virtual’s.

Twins have been no exception, but victims of even more sickening pandemic inspired combos, such as Corona and Virus, Covid and Nineteen, Social and Distancing, and the most recent add, Donning and Doffing. Candy Steen (from Knockemstiff, OH) made headlines with her twins Donning and Doffing, and explains her personal inspiration, “When COVID first hit, our offices sent out a memo about how to properly put on and take off a mask, otherwise known as donning and doffing, who knew! I immediately fell in love with the terms. My husband thought my pregnancy hormones were messing with my brain, but he warmed up to the idea pretty quickly! I’m just excited to show my kids the memo when they get older and tell them the story of how exactly they got their names.” We learned that Candy is a twin as well, along with her brother Cane.

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